We completely Reveneered and Refinished the woodwork in this absolutely unique 1937 Rolls-Royce Phantom III Freestone & Webb Sedanca - often called the Copper Car or "Gaul's Copper Kettle

The pictures that follow show many of the parts, some prior to reveneering and some prior to finishing. Prior to starting this painstaking restoration, we spent a couple weeks locating the proper copper inlay.  Our customer was in no rush and so we worked on it between our normal restoration, taking nearly three months to complete. 

If you ever get a chance to see this vehicle "close up and personal" we hope you agree that our efforts were the "icing on the cake"!


In the Picture Below, you can see what most of the parts looked like once we remove the original clear finish and original veneer.  Needless to say, there were plenty of repairs that were needed to prepare the base wood substrate for veneering.


Dozens of sheets of veneer were selected for this project and after "veneering", the special copper was inlaid into the veneer.


After the veneering and inlay processes were complete, each part had to be sanded with extreme care.


Even tho these next two pictures are a bit out of focus, you can see how similar wood grain patterns were evident in every part.


All opposing parts were painstakingly veneered to match each other....complete with "bookmatches".


This panel was purposely restored with a different veneer - just as it was originally.


Not only did the special copper inlay need to be on flat areas and curve around scalloped edges, but it had to follow the contours of each part.

This panel has been newly veneered  and the inlay process has begun.


The veneering and inlay processes are complete on this extremely complex panel.


We hope you agree, that after finishing and polishing, the fruits of our labor are evident.


Watch this part come to life !!!


Once again, you can see what we started with.  Cracking finish, and veneer that was lifting and peeling off......


As did the masters....we bookmatched every panel that was originally bookmatched.  These cabinet doors have a beautiful pattern.


We made sure that veneers chosen for every surface, flowed into the next.  Check out how the grain pattern on the sides flows top to bottom

and around to the doors.  Attention to detail is what sets our work apart from any one elses'.


The Judges Got it RIGHT !!!!!