2000 Bentley Azure

We have included these pictures so that you can see all of the woodwork that came in the Bentley Azure - BEFORE we restored it.


Here you can see all of the woodwork in this 2000 Bentley Azure. From this distance, it doesn't look like there is anything wrong with the set.  You can however, see that there are some very significant color differences.  Some parts have faded and changed in color much more than others.  BUT, when we complete the restoration, all of the parts will have the same color hue.
These are the dashboard and console parts.
It is still difficult to see much wrong with this Instrument panel, but if you look closely, you will  see a crack in the clear finsih below the left vent hole. 
The same thing is true with these parts.  There were small cracks on all the parts.

Look at the beautiful "bookmatch" in this Glove Compartment Door !!   It will really "come alive" once we restore it.

Above you can see the typical finish problems that happen with years of exposure and use.

If you look closely at the Door Capping Rails above, you will see little dents in the finish.  Those happen when folks let the seat belt slap back into its' retainer.

The door panel trim definately needs our help.

Above you can see how the masters at Bentley took the time to create beautiful "bookmatches" on the door panel trim.
These are the wood appointments in the rear seat area. Notice how veneer on the left and right parts match each other.
Above, you can see - close up - the finish problems that this set was having.  If you scroll back up to the top picture, and focus on the console and compare what you see here.  You will be surprised.  In the top picture, it doesn't look too bad...but imagine how everything looked when seated behind the wheel.  It was definately time for this woodwork to be sent to us for restoration.
When you have us restore your woodwork...it will look "Showroom New" !
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