Examples of BMW 2800 / 3.0 woodwork

that we veneered with Figured Grain Walnut

These first 3 pictures show parts that we manufactured using Figured GrainWalnut.  You can see how it looks naturally - Unstained.

NOTE: The parts below have been "finished" in a Satin Finish.  You have the choice of a Satin Finish or High Gloss Finish....so be sure to discuss that with us.
The differences you see in color in each of these 3 pictures is due to the camera angle.
Of the 3 pictures, the part at the top is closest to the actual color.
This set Below was Custom Ordered in a very Special "Fiddleback" Figured GrainWalnut and Stained Darker.
The pictures below, were of some of the parts before the clear finish was applied.

The pictures below were taken after the clear finish was applied.  Again, any color differences you see, are due to camera angle. 

NOTE: The picture at the top of this group showing the "Full Set" is closest to the actual color.