BMW 3.0  CSL  Woodwork

The first group of pictures - below - show the condition of this set BEFORE we restored it.  The second group shows what it looked at it AFTER we restored it.

 We never know what the condition the parts will be in when we get them, and this set had plenty of splits, major cracks that needed to be repaired and many holes that needed to be filled before we could begin Reveneering and Refinishing.

This group of pictures are BEFORE we restored this set of

1972 BMW 3.0 woodwork.


If you look closely at the Instrument Cluster Panel, you can see the finish is all cracked up.  On other parts, the finish had completely flaked off....
...AND the forward end of the console had suffered some major water damage.  We were able to effectively make repairs prior to Refinishing.
When it comes to restoring your car, nothing compares to having your woodowork restored by us !!!

Here are pictures AFTER we restored this  set of

1972 BMW 3.0 woodwork.

What a difference our restoration made !!!