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Below are pictures that show the typical condition of BMW 2800 / 3.0 woodwork when we get them into our shop for restoration.

Sometimes the parts are in good enough condition for us to restore them.  Depending on that condition, we have two courses of action. 

The first is Refinishing.

The clear on these 3.0 Door panels is in poor condition, but the face veneer is still intact and in good enough condition for us to Refinish them.

The second is Reveneering (and of course Refinishing).

If the base wood “substrate” is in good condition, but the wood veneer on the face of the part is having trouble, we can reveneer and refinish your parts for you.  

(Because we have to put on new veneer, you could have us change the veneer from the original straight grained another species.) Check out the "Popular Wood Choices" at the bottom of this page.

The Left curved Dash Panel, the Instrument Panel and the Right Curved Dash Panel in our customer's set LOOKED really bad.... 

In the pictures below, it is obvious that the clear finish is all cracked up and flaking off

Before we got them "in hand", our customer's description led us to believe that his parts were beyond restoring.  But if you look closely, you can see that the veneer was in fine shape...and it was just the clear finish that had failed.


The same thing was true with the Instrument Panel - the veneer was intact
The part in the above picture was in good enough condition to warrant Reveneering.
If you look closely at this Gauge panel in the above picture from a 3.0, you will see that the the wood veneer on the face of the part has actually come off the part....exposing the layers of the plywood underneath. You can also see raised horizontal splits in the veneer that are where the veneer has cracked, and buckled outward which is a sure indication that the veneer is coming unglued.  Fortunately the substrate was in good enough was in condition to warrant Reveneering.

In some cases our customers have asked us to fill the speaker hole, which we can do when reveneering your parts. Or, if you are ordering a new set, you could ask us to leave out the speaker hole if you do not want it.

Lastly, yet probably the most important option available to you is the Replacement option. We at Madera Concepts offer replacement woodwork for the 2800 / 3.0.   Many times, either some or all of the woodwork in these cars are in really bad condition. So bad, that repair, refinishing or reveneering are not good options.

Typically the parts have gotten wet again and again and have literally started to rot and fall apart. But not to worry, we can help you. We produce replacement woodwork for your 2800 / 3.0 and not just some, but all the parts. We can make you replacement parts and veneer them in the stock straight grained wood. (you may have us manufacture the odd part and we will choose a veneer and stain color to “compliment” a sample part of your existing woodwork, however we always recommend that you have us do all the parts at one time, ......guarantying the best possible wood grain pattern and color match. Or we can make you one of our new O.E.M. Replacement sets using a gorgeous Burled Walnut as the face veneer. (Must be purchased as a full set.)

If you look closely, you can see that the clear, the veneer and many layers of the plywood substrate on these parts has rotted completely off.
Our customer wanted to personalize their Jaguar E-Type and so they had us Reveneer their set with some very unique Carpathian Elm Burl. 

Here you can see the parts that we manufacture for the E-Type.  Pictured further down on this page is theRadio Surround Panel that we also manufacture for the E-Type.

Our customer wanted us to mount them on his stock metal sub-structure, so he would know how to re-fit them after he takes the woodwork off to paint the metal and to clean up the switches.

We chose some very gorgeous veneer for their project.  The Instrument Panel above will look terrific once the gauges and switches are in place.
Of course our customer will be detailing all of the stock the black and cleaning up the switches.

"Icing on the Cake"

The stunning beauty of our woodwork comes alive on the Glove Box Door Surround and Glove Box Door. 

As you can see, we pay attention to every detail....making sure that the two parts matched exactly !!!

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Select one of these to see Popular Wood Choices for Reveneering

Burled Walnut  OR  Carpathian Elm Burl

    (custom specialty veneers are available at an extra charge.)

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