Here are pictures of the 1937 Mercedes-Benz 540 wood set  Before  we restored it. 

In this case, this set had been previously restored by someone else and our customer did not like the fact that whomever did the restoration, stained it brown instead of leaving the color natural, as originally manufactured.

Additionally, when they stained it, the stain left large dark "blotches' that were quite objectionalble.

Our customer asked us to restore it, removing the stain as best as we could,

which returned the set to the natural "unstained"color you see.

They were thrilled with the results !!

Not only did the parts look brand new....but the natural color of the woodwork,

perfectly complimented the interior and exterior colors of their Mercedes.

BUT in all fairness, there are certainly those 540 owners who might prefer the brown color - and of course, we can accomodate them as well !!