Here are pictures of the 1938 MB 230 wood set  Before  we restored it. 

In this case, this set had been previously restored by someone else and our customer did not like the fact that whomever did the restoration, used a stain that eventually turned into a Pink Color.


As you can see the color, depending on the angle of the lighting, got really Pink and the finish started to fail.
Here is the same set with different lighting and the color looks a touch better.  BUT, in all other lighting conditions, especially outside and in the car, it looked terrible.  Additionally, you can see how the finish is having trouble.
This is the back of one of the cubby lids, and you can really see the finish problems on it.
Again, in the picture above and below, you can see the objectionable color and finish problems.
The ashtray holders on each rear passenger compartment quarter trim, were a unique touch.
Like all of the other parts, these were made from a solid piece of timber.
Every part of this set had "rounded" edges, which certainly added to the warm and luxurious feel of this wood set.
This is the same picture from the Mercedes-Benz Main page - showing all of the pieces of woodwork from this 1938 Mercedes-Benz 230 Cabriolet BEFORE we refinished it.