Here are pictures of the 1938 Mercedes-Benz 230 woodwork  After  we restored it. 

As you saw in the Before pictures, this set had been previously restored by someone else and our customer did not like the fact that whomever did the restoration, stained it a color that turned Pink in color.

Our customer asked us to restore it and they were thrilled with the results !!

Not only did the parts look brand new....but the natural "honey" color of the woodwork,

perfectly complimented the interior and exterior colors of their Mercedes.

This is the upper dash capping, complete with an ashtray holder.
As you can see, all of the natural colors and grain pattern came to life after we restored this set.
The craftsman ship that went into making each and every part is evident and the shape of this ashtray holder is a prime example.
Subtle, elegant and now after we restored it - absolutely gorgeous !
The warmth and beauty of the original wood came alive after our craftsment restored it.
The variations in the wood grain pattern - previously obsecured by the "pink" stain - are now visible.
Even the simplest of shapes, like the cubby knobs - above and below - made this set look wonderful.
Every part of this set of 1938 Mercedes-Benz 230 Cabriolet woodwork was made from solid timber.  Here you can see the natural color and grain pattern variations in the timber.
Constructed from solid timber, these door and quarter capping trim panels, are a work of art unto themselves.
There were no sharp edges on any part of this set.  The craftsmen that built it, painstakingly "shaped" each and every part.
The ashtray holders on these rear quarter trim panels, added a nice dimensional touch.
Even the rear window surround was built from solid timber !!

Here is that full set of 1938 Mercedes-Benz 230 Cabriolet  AFTER  we restored it. 

Compared to what it looked like when we got it, it is a beauty to behold and our customer was extremely happy !!