Absolutely Incredible Woodwork !!!!  

The craftsmen at Mercedes-Benz orginally built this woodwork to add luxury and class to their

300's.   At Madera Concepts, our craftsmen can do some pretty amazing things and the complete restoration of this Mercedes-Benz 300 woodwork is a fine example. 

We think you would agree that the Burled Walnut veneer we chose for this woodwork is really gorgeous !!! 


What an incredible combination.....our woodwork, and a superbly re-done interior.
Attention to every detail is what makes a "show stopping", "award winning" restoration.
We are proud to do our part !!
Our craftsmen put all they have into every wood restoration job that comes our way....whether it be for a daily driver or a show car.
We welcome you to call us to go over any wood restoration needs you may have.