1952 Mercedes-Benz  220 S 

We are proud to show you more pictures of this incredible woodwork we restored for our customer.


This woodwork from our customer's car was truely Unique.  In all our years restoring automotive woodwork, we have never seen a Mercedes-Benz with woodwork done this way...!!!!!

We Refinished the set for our customer and we hope you agree that the results were fantastic.

As you view the pictures below, please pay attention to the patterns in the Rosewood veneer.   The craftsmen at Mercedes-Benz put a lot of thought, time and effort into creating the look you see.

When our craftsmen Reveneer any woodwork, they take a great deal of pride in doing the same.

Secondly, the proper layout of the veneer and the woodgrain pattern chosen for each part is the most important part of a quality restoration.

Below, you can see examples of why Madera Concepts is known worldwide for our restorations.....

Whether your woodwork needs Refinishing - or Reveneering and Refinishing, we can help you get it looking "Showroom New".

This is the same picture that we put on our Mercedes page.....and is displayed again here, for your reference.

Rosewood, Burled Walnut and the accenting Zebrano crossbanding was an excellent and Very Unique choice.


YES, we have included many pictures of this wood....and often they are the same parts - but the shots are taken from different angles just so you can see the craftsmanship....both Mercedes' and Ours.

The choice of  Rosewood veneer as an accent to the Burled Walnut "Faces" was truely a beautiful choice !!


Above - From top to bottom of the picture, you can see:

The "faces" of the Door Capping Rails were done with bookmatched Burled Walnut and beautiful Zebrano crossbanding.

The "tops"  of  the Door Capping Rails were done in Rosewood.

The Upper Dash Cap has the Rosewood veneer "quartered, which created an absolutely stunning pattern.

The Lower Dash Cap with the pattern of the Rosewood veneer laid out specifically to follow the shape of the part.

Above are close-ups, so that you can the incredible beauty of these parts.  The wood grain patterns and Zebrano crossbanding are just magnificant !!!!

When our craftsmen Reveneer any woodwork, we have to take into consideration all of the other panels that are part of the set and pay particular attention to the veneer layout....exactly as the craftsment at Mercedes-Benz did when they made these parts.  We must consider each parts relation and alignment with all the rest.  When you have us restore your woodwork, you can count on our over 30 years experience.

YES...YES....we know !! - We are showing you many pictures of the woodwork from this Mercedes-Benz, but this set is remarkable.  Not only for its' beauty, but for its' uniqueness..!!!!
The Zebrano crossbanding on this Mercedes-Benz woodwork is something to behold !!!
With the combination of Rosewood, Burled Walnut and Zebrano - If this isn't "art" we don't know what is.  
Our refinishing was the "icing on the cake".

When comes to having your woodwork restored, no one does it better.   Our customer loved the results.

Should you ever have parts that need Reveneering, you can trust us to get it right....just like the old "masters" did.

This rear window surround is woodworking at its' finest. 

This Speaker Grille was made from matching Rosewood timber.

As a pair, the speaker grilles show even more of the talent of the craftsmen at Mercedes-Benz AND shows you even more of the beauty of our work.

Refinishing this set for our customer took a tremendous amount of skill, care and patience.  Our customer was thrilled with the results, we hope you are too !!!!!!!


We are proud to be able to restore woodwork for Mercedes-Benz owners around the world...........and we hope that when the time comes for you to have the woodwork in your Mercedes restored.....

We are proud to be able to restore woodwork for Mercedes-Binz owners from all over the world....

...And we hope that when the time comes  for you to have the woodwork in your Mercedes Benz restored....

....You Choose Us !!!