1961 Mercedes-Benz  300 D  Sedan

We are proud to show you more pictures of the woodwork we restored for our customer.


Our customer chose to have us Reveneer their set in Macasar Ebony and we hope you agree that the results were fantastic.

As you view the pictures below, please pay attention to the patterns in the veneer.  Our craftsmen pay attention to all the details and the choice of veneer for Reveneering is paramount. 

Secondly, the proper layout of the veneer and the woodgrain pattern chosen for each part is the most important part of a quality restoration.

Below, you can see examples of why Madera Concepts is known worldwide for our restorations.....

Whether your woodwork needs Refinishing - or Reveneering and Refinishing, we can help you get it looking "Showroom New".

YES, we have included many pictures of this wood....and often they are the same parts - but the shots are taken from different angles just so you can see the craftsmanship....both Mercedes' and Ours.
The two pictures above are the the beautifully shaped - and now newly restored - door Armrest Panels.  The top picture is of the Front Door Armrest Panelsand the bottom picture is of the Rear Door Armrest Panels.
This is the same picture that we put on our Mercedes page.....and is displayed again here, for your reference.
When we Reveneer the Dash panels we have to take into consideration all of the other panels that are part of this group and pay particular attention to the veneer layout.
The beautiful contrasts between light and dark areas make Macasar Ebony a fine choice for the veneer used on this set.  We chose veneer from our stock that had a lot of "character" in it. Our customer loved the results.
The Glove Box Door shows even more of the beauty of our work.
Veneering the "grab handle" is an art unto itself.  Our craftsmen spend hours and hours working on this area, but the results speak for themselves.
The 300 D had many wood trim components, they were delicate and graceful....AND they added just the right touch to the interior.  Reveneering and Refinishing these parts takes a tremendous amount of skill, care and patience.  We are proud to be able to restore these parts for Mercedes-Benz owners around the world.
We apologize for the camera flash, and dirt on our lens....but these close-ups show how even in production cars, parts were hand fit.  Look closely and you will see that the shapes of the ends of the trim were different.
The Door Cappings below are a "work of art"....and when we choose the veneer for them, we have to get it right.  And when we veneer each part, we must consider its' relation and alignment with all the rest.  When you have us restore your woodwork, you can count on our over 30 years experience.
The wood grain patterns are just magnificant !!!!
Macasar Ebony was an excellent veneer choice.
The "character" of the grain pattern is unique and absolutely gorgeous.
YES...YES....we know !! - Here are many pictures of these same door panels, but they show how much work we put into veneering them "Properly".  There are many reasons that Mercedes owners around the world choose us to restore their woodwork...and our Reveneering capabilities are just one of them.
We just had to include more pictures of the Door Armrest Panels..!!!!
The shapes that Mercedes-Benz  chose are extremely elegant....
And once we Reveneered and Refinished them......
.......they were stunning pieces of art !!!
We hope you agree.....

.....and we hope that when the time comes for you to have the woodwork in your Mercedes restored.....

...You Choose Us !!!