1971 Mercedes-Benz 600 SWB - W100

As the world's #1 Automotive Wood Restoration company, we at Madera Concepts proudly offer you our automotive woodwork restoration service. 

When it comes to restoring Mercedes-Benz 600 woodwork - you can trust Madera Concepts.

Below is the woodwork from a 1971 Mercede-Benz 600 SWB....BEFORE we restored it.

Please Note, that from a distance, the woodwork didn't look too bad....but up close and personal...it was certainly showing its' age and some parts were starting to delaminate.

The clear finish was "crazing" and cracking  all over every part, and some parts had veneer that was delaminating and some parts had structural damage.


Here you can see that the finish is cracking all over....and the veneer was missing on the end of this "A" Pillar.  Also, the tip of the wood itself, was broken off.  Of course, we repaired the structural damage, and restored the part.

The cracks in the clear finish that you can see in this picture above....was on almost all the parts....

.....and you could easily see and feel them when seated in the car. 


In general, the wood veneer was in good shape, but as you can see from this close-up picture, the finish was failing. We were able to Refinish our customer's woodwork, before further damage occured.


Both ends of the windshield "trinket tray" bow had suffered water damage and the veneer had fallen off - AND, the substructure had delaminated.  Note the dark lines - those were painted on at the factory to give the veneer on this part more "character".
Here you can see the the windshield "trinket tray" bow turned on its' side and you can see the delamination caused by water damage.
Both end of the "curtain railing" had damage and veneer missing.
Above, you can see how the finish had deteriorated over time...and you can see the veneer coming off the substrate of this upper bow.

Mercedes-Benz Wood Restoration at its' finest !!!! 

Below are pictures of this Mercedes-Benz woodwork  AFTER  we resotored it !!!

There are 42 pieces of woodwork in the 1971 Mercedes-Benz 600 SWB.

Above, you can see that our craftsmen repaired and re-built the ends of the windshield "trinket tray" bow, the ends of the curtain railing, and the ends of the upper bow.
The "A" Pillars were repaired, rebuilt an restored to "factory new" condition.
We completely take apart each "Grille" and restore the parts individually and then properly re-assemble them. 

Above are the fully restored Door Cappings.

The veneer that the factory chose for this set, was absolutely gorgeous....the contrasts of the light and colored lines are just stunning.


Above are the rear Quarter cappings and the curtain rail uprights.
Below are pictures of window trim woodwork....and Yes, we know, there are pictures of the same parts - but taken from different sides of the parts.  We just wanted you to be able to see the wonderful veneer work.
Notice how the veneers on opposing parts were "laid out" to match each other. (as best as humanly possible)
The veneer on this set is absolutely gorgeous !!!! 


Below is a collage of some the woodwork.  Notice the matching veneer on opposing parts.  It takes painstaking care to create woodwork like this !!!

Above and Below are what the ends of the long curtain railings and valances looked like AFTER we restored them. 

They are six feet long and so we couldn't show them in their entirety....but we hope you get the picture....so to speak !!!


We just Had to put this close-up picture in ..... these are the ends of the long "valances" and it is a fine example of the incredible wood machining and veneering matching that was done at Mercedes for these cars.


As you might know, the woodwork in any car, is the "Icing on the Cake" and once our craftsmen at Madera Concepts restore it back to looking "Showroom New"....there is nothing better you can do to complete your restoration !!!!

Reinstalled in the car......  Our customer was thrilled with what we had done for him..!!!