PAGODA Owners !! 

We are proud to offer you our

NEW O.E.M. Replacement Rear Window Trim for:

- 1963 - 1971 Mercedes 230 SL, 250 SL, 280 SL Roadsters -

Below, you can see how we designed and built our replacment part to bow inward across the top of the rear window...AND we made the "legs" bow outward, following the contour of the body.  This provides the Proper Profile - so it fits your car properly.



Our parts are made from the proper materials, can be Veneered to Compliment your stock woodwork,

AND they are "finished" - ready to install !!!!!!

In the picture above, our customer had us Reveneer their entire set of woodwork, and of course, we veneered the Rear Window Trim with the same matching veneer.  They were thrilled !!!