PAGODA Owners !! 

We are proud to offer you our

NEW O.E.M. Replacement Rear Window Trim for:

- 1963 - 1971 Mercedes 230 SL, 250 SL, 280 SL Roadsters -

ITEM # 2113            $ 260  plus S & H

Replace that old warped or rotten rear window trim today - with a brand new one. 

We'll make one just for you.


This Item # 2113 has the Burled Walnut veneer and is picured below.

The rear window trim pictured below in Burled Walnut, shows how we designed and built our replacment part to bow inward across the top of the rear window...AND we made the "legs" bow outward, following the contour of the body.  This provides the Proper Profile - so it fits your car properly.


Our parts are made from the proper materials, can be Veneered to Compliment your stock woodwork,

AND they are "finished" - ready to install !!!!!!


We can manufacture this Beautiful Rear Window Trim per your a wood that compliments your stock woodwork.

Call us for Details  805-962-1579


Please also keep in mind, that we can restore ALL the rest of the woodwork in your Mercedes-Benz.  If the veneer on your woodwork is in good condition, but the clear finish is having problems, we can Refinish your so it looks "Showroom New".

If the finish and the veneer are in poor shape, we can Reveneer and Refinish your set for you.

Even if both are in good shape....but you just want an entirely different look for the woodwork in your Mercedes - we can Reveneer and Refinish your set for you.

- Call us for Details  805-962-1579