We are proud to offer you our Refinishing and Reveneering services....

Below you can see examples of stock woodwork and some of the problems our customers have.

Many have problems with the clear finish.  Others have problems with veneer. 

And sometimes our customers just want something new and different !!!!

 In every case, we are able to help transform their interior !

The pictures above and below, show a stock dash in straight grained walnut, BEFORE we refinished it. 

From a disitance, it looks pretty good, but the finish was getting thousands of small "spider-web" cracks all over it.  

Fortunately, the stock wood veneer had not been adversely affected - YET - so our customer had us restore their parts.  Unfortunately we were not able to take "After" pictures.



Below are pictures of a Dash Trim Set from a Different car. 


The wood type that was in this Mercedes was Macasar Ebony.

Macasar Ebony has beautiful dark and light contrasts and they "came to life", AFTER we Refinished the set.
There is nothing like having your woodwork restored by us !!  Call us Today - 805-962-1579
Call Us Today....we'd be happy to help you get your woodwork looking "Showroom New" !!!

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