What was thought to be lost Forever -

Is now Yours to Have !!!!

We at Madera Concepts are proud to announce that we are now manufacturing

a 4pc Wood Door Panel Packge replicating the same design that was originally available from AMG.

Our package includes:

2 - Upper Door Wood Trim panels


2 - Lower Door Pocket Wood Trim panels

- Fits the following years and models -

1982-1991 Mercedes-Benz Coupe

W126  C126  380  420  500   560  SEC's

 Because of all the excitment and interest,

we haven't had a set here long enough to take our own pictures -

But we got these from one of the biggest 560 SEC enthusiasts on the planet !!!!!!


Our SEC Door Wood Package is a stunning addition to your SEC interior !!

One of our Customers took these pictures (below) and even with the bright red background, the colors of the wood and our finish "come alive".
Gorgeous Curves and Beautiful Lines - - - -
- - - - You've got to have this set in your Mercedes!!!


Order your set today - $1490 plus Shipping and Handling.


Special Notes:

* Check the condition of your stock woodwork.  If it is looking less than desirable, we would advise that you have us Refinish it ALL, at the same time we make you your new Door Wood Trim. 

That way, all of the woodwork in your car looks "showroom" new....and we have better contol over the wood grain pattern and color of your new parts.

*  Should you choose to order our Door Wood Trim package by itself, please keep in mind that each car's woodwork had a different wood grain pattern....and the color of that wood has faded and changed in color over the years.  Usually from medium dark brown to an orangish-red, sometimes with yellowish tints.

So in order help us obtain the best possible wood grain pattern and color "Compliment" of these new parts to your stock woodwork, we strongly suggest that you send us a wood part from your car as a sample.  This is the best and most cost effective way to upgrade your interior.

*  If you insist on everything "matching" .....then you would need to send us ALL of your stock woodwork and have us Reveneer it with new veneer and Refinish all those parts at the same time we make you your new parts - of course, using the same veneer we use to Reveneer your stock parts.

*  As many of you know, the species used in the original sets offered by AMG, was Burled Walnut. Of course, should you want one of these gorgeous sets for your Mercedes, and your stock woodwork is a different wood species, we can make you your set from the same species.

!! Call Us Today to discuss Ordering one of these Gorgeous sets - It is an Upgrade you just Have to Have !!