1931 Rolls-Royce Phantom II

We have included these pictures for those of you who like to admire the coachwork of the old masters.  They created some pretty fantastic wood appointments in that era !!!


They are stock parts and have not been restored and so some major cracks, other damage and failures are evident.


Sorry, but we don't know any other details about the car or its' current owner.


Beauty, Form and Function - All in One !!!


After all these years, the woodwork has remained straight and true.


Yes, the finish is in pretty bad shape, and some parts have some really bad cracks in them....but could be restored by us.


This corner somehow got broken off years ago....but despite the "traffic" in and out of the back seat, the rest of the woodwork is in remarkably good condition.


As was the case for many "limo" style interiors, the craftsmen in the "wood shop" built some pretty impressive cabinetry.  The window crank was used to manually raise and lower the glass window partition that provided the passengers in the back seat some degree of privacy.