1934 Rolls-Royce 20/25 - After Reveneering and Refinishing


 After repairing all the splits, cracks, re-building missing ends and filling holes, we Reveneered and Refinished our customer's set.  They chose Burled Walnut for the veneer and wanted us to finish the accents and some trim in a Piano Black finish.



The results of our hard work was absolutely gorgeous and our customer was very happy.
Our craftsmen pay special attention to the details, and the "bookmating" on each part was done with painstaking care !!
The Piano Black finish that our customer requested, added a very rich and distinctive look to their set.
Normally the ends and edges of the parts, as well as the tops of the door capping panels are brown, but the Piano Black finish that our customer chose for thes areas, made the new Burled Walnut veneer "come alive".