1934 Rolls-Royce 20/25


 We never know what the condition the parts will be in when we get them, and this set had plenty of splits, major cracks that needed to be repaired and many holes that needed to be filled before we could begin Reveneering and Refinishing.


The end of  this part was broken off years ago and so we re-built it for our customer.
There were many splits in most of the parts. In some parts, the splits had turned to cracks and almost all of the parts had multiple screw holes - in the wrong places - where previous owners had tried to keep the parts mounted in the car.

If you look at the door capping rails on the left, you can see many splits and one of those extra holes.  The parts on the right had major cracks and had extra mounting holes on each end.

Many of the parts had wood plugs in the holes where previous owners had tried to hide the extra holes.  Of course, we removed the old plugs and did the proper repairs prior to our work.
Even after all these years, the parts were still in their proper shapes.
The end results speak for themselves as you will see in the AFTER pictures on the Rolls-Royce Main Page.