1972 Rolls-Royce Corniche Convertible

Rolls-Royce appointed the Corniche Convertible with some very gorgeous woodwork.  The crossbanding is an elegant touch that Rolls-Royce used on many of their models.
Over time the clear finish on this set began to show it's age.  As you can see, there are some color differences because at some point in time, someone refinished the glove box door and redid the panels in the radio area.

From a distance, this set doesn't look too bad.  But if you get closer, you can see that the finish is begining to fail. 

Having us restore this set Now, will save this beautiful woodwork from further damage.

The "yellow hue" that you see, is not the original color this woodwork was when it was new.  It was originally a medium brown color.  It has faded and changed in color from exposure to light.
Just small changes in camera angle and lighting can affect the colors of various parts.
Above you can really see the "yellow" hue....and below in a bit of a shadow, the yellow isn't so noticeable.

The filler panel and DINN mount radio trim panel must have been added fairly recently,

and have not changed in color.....Yet.

The Door Cappings in the Corniche were very nicely done, and were "icing on the cake".
We don't know the history of these panels....but the filler panel has a different grain pattern and the color of both was redder than the rest of the woodwork.

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