1974 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur


 The pictures below, are of the woodwork Before it was restored.  Look closely at each picture and you will see hairline cracks in the clear finish.


Rolls-Royce owners are finding that their Silver Spurs are starting to show their age, and when their woodwork needs restoring they turn to us.  The same thing is true with collectors and professional restorers. 

The woodwork from these models are some of the more popular sets we get into our facility for restoring.

This is the same picture you saw on our Main Page...the woodwork doesn't look too bad from a distance.  If you look carefully at the right end of the main dash , just to the left of the Glove Compartment Door, you will see some cracks in the clear finish.
The Center Dash Console and Radio Trim panel don't look too bad in this picture either.  Check out how they look as you get closer to them.....below.


From a distance, these hairline cracks are not too visible....but seen closer up, they are really evident. 

If the clear finish on your woodwork is starting to crack, it is very important to have us restore it, before the beautiful veneer under the cracks gets damaged too.

Above you can see the cracks in the clear finish on the end of the main dash, and you can see the cracks in the back of the Glove Compartment Door.  Similar cracks were on the face of the GBD too.
If the clear finish on your woodwork is starting to crack.....it is a very good idea to have restore it as soon as you can !
If you own a Rolls-Royce, there is nothing like having us restore your woodwork back to "Showroom New" condition !!!!
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