1987 Rolls-Royce Corniche


 The pictures below, are to show you the beautiful wood trim that Rolls-Royce included in the interiors of these Corniche models.


Rolls-Royce owners are finding that their Corniche's are starting to show their age, and when their woodwork needs restoring they turn to us.  The same thing is true with collectors. 

The woodwork from these models are some of the more popular sets we get into our facility for restoring.

This woodwork doesn't look too bad from a distance.....but as you get closer, you can see that it really showing its' age....and the normal wear and tear.

If you look closely at this picture, you can see small white spots all over the rear 1/3 of the top of the door capping rail.

Those are "dings" in the clear finish from the driver being careless with the seat belt buckle.  This is quite common and one can usually find more on the drivers' side, and a bit less on the passenger side.  If your door capping rails have dings in them, Not To Worry, we can restore them back to "showroom new" condition for you.

In these 2 pictures, you can see the "orangish-red" color that this woodwork has changed to in its' lifetime.  This woodwork didn't start out this color....it has faded and changed in color. It was originally a medium-dark brown.
The console has begun to have a "yellowish" look to it.
If you look closely in the top center of this door capping rail, you can see some cracks in the clear finish.
If you look closely below the three center gauges, you can see cracks in the clear finish.

These next series of pictures are of a Cornish that we Refinished back to looking "Showroom New" !!!

Notice how its' color went back closer to how it looked when it was new....AND look how nice and rich the grain pattern looks.!!!!
We can restore your woodwork for you......you'll be glad you had us do it !!!

  When your woodwork looks "Showroom New", your whole interior "comes alive".

Our craftsment pay attention to every detail.

Driver's side Door Capping. 


(Note:  It is the camera angle that makes these parts look darker than the dash)

Passenger side Door Capping.


You are going to love how your Rolls-Royce looks after you have us restore your woodwork.!!   

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