1987 Rolls-Royce Silver Spur


 The pictures below, are to show you the beautiful wood trim that Rolls-Royce included in the interiors of all these Silver Spur models.


Rolls-Royce owners are finding that their Silver Spur's are starting to show their age, and when their woodwork needs restoring they turn to us.  The same thing is true with collectors. 

The woodwork from these models are some of the more popular sets we get into our facility for restoring.

Often owners think that the color of the wood in their car is the color it has always been, but over time and exposure to light, all wood changes in color.  Silver Spurs came with Burled Walnut veneer, and it is typical for that species to slowy change - first to theorangish-red / rust color and eventually to having more yellow hues.

These pictures below are stock parts and show the color that these sets change to as they age.

But once we restore your woodwork for you, the color returns to more of the medium-dark brown - closer to how it was when new.

The woodwork in this Silver Spur has faded and changed from its' original medium-dark brown to an orangish-red / rust color...which is different in color from its' original medium-dark brown to the color you see it.

Picnic Tables were a nice touch of luxury and convenience for the Silver Spur owner.  The "cross-banding" around the outer perimeter of the picnic tables, adds to the beauty.

The picnic tables in this Silver Spur have faded and changed even more in color from their original medium-dark brown to the color you see it.....almost yellow in color.

Above is the Center Console before refinishing.  Note the color difference between it, and the cigarette lighter panel below, which has been refinished.  Rolls-Royce did not stain these parts....nor do we.  It is the refinishing process that exposes more of the original color of the woodwork.
Below are the Door Cappings for this car.  They have been Refinished and reinstalled.  What a difference a new finish makes !!!
Driver's side Front Door Capping. 
Passenger side Front Door Capping.

Driver's side Rear Door Capping. 

Passenger side Rear Door Capping.


Not to worry !!!!!  If your woodwork is starting to show its' age....

.....we are here to help you get it back to looking "Showroom New".!!!
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