1989 Rolls-Royce Corniche Convertible


 These pictures, show you the beautiful Corniche Convertible wood trim After We Restored it.  

Rolls-Royce owners are finding that the woodwork in their Corniche's are starting to show their age, and when their woodwork needs restoring they turn to us. 

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The woodwork from these models are some of the more popular sets we get into our facility for restoring.

Often owners think that the color of the wood in their car is the color it has always been, but over time and exposure to light, all wood changes in color.  Corniches came with Burled Walnut veneer, and it is typical for that species to slowy change - first, to an orangish-red / rust color and eventually to having more yellow hues.

But once we restore your woodwork for you, the color returns to more of the medium-dark brown - closer to how it was when new.

The woodwork in this Corniche had faded and changed from its' original medium-dark brown to a very yellowish color.   In this picture above, you can see after we Refinished it, the color got darker - closer to its' original color.

With just a change in the camera angle, you can see how this same woodwork looks a bit different in color....compared to the first picture of it above.

The actual color of this woodwork after we restored it, is more like the section on the left.  The section on the right has so much reflection ftom the seat....that you cannot really tell the color.

With the Glove Compartment door spending most of its' life closed, was rarely exposed to light and so you can see the color that this wood was originally.

Notice the color differences of the wood parts to the left and right of the Glove Compartment Door.....The part colors are actually the same...it is just what "lighting" does.  In this case the car was parked outdoors on a sunny day.

When our customer sent us these pictures, the woodwork had been back in the car for over 5 years and they drove it all the time.  Remarkably, there weren't all the scratches in and around the console that are normally seen.
Again, in the two Door Capping Pictures above, you can see how different lighting affects the color.  Also, our camera somehow makes the wood look "Redder" than it really is.
Although they are a bit difficult to see in this picture, the rear Quarter Cappings and the Ashtray / Cigarette Lighter trim panels, carry on the rich, luxurious feeling that only fine woodwork can bring to an automobiles' interior.

If your Rolls-Royce woodwork is starting to show its' age....

.....we are here to help you get it back to looking "Showroom New".!!!
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