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Below are more pictures of the Stutz Blackhawk woodwork - In the Car - that you saw on our Stutz Main Page. 

As you can see, this Stutz Blackhawk also had a wooden steering wheel and a wooden shift knob.
You can see in this picture that a beautiful Burled Walnut was used on this Stutz Blackhawk woodwork.
On each of the door panels, Stutz affixed metal emblems that said, Stutz Blackhawk.
Stutz use metal gauge bezels on the gauge openings and around many other openings. They also put a metal trim around the outer edges of many of the parts.  In this Stutz Blackhawk, these appear to be gold plated.
The pictures above and below, of this Stutz Blackhawk woodwork, show the medium dark color that the Burled Walnut should be.  As the woodwork ages, it fades and changes in color - usually to a much ligher color, often to an orangish-red color.
It is nice to see that the owner of this Stutz Blackhawk was able to fit a newer radio in the stock location.
In this Stutz Blackhawk, the Glove Box Door appears to be fabricated out of wood, with the beautiful Burled Walnut veneer on the face, the back and the edges of the GBD.  We have seen other models, were the GBD was the same thin - Veneer on metal construction - that was done with the other parts.
Here you can see the Stutz Blackhawk emblem that was affixed to both front door panels.

In the rear passenger compartment, the quarter panel woodwork had a cubby with wood veneered doors.   We are not sure if this was true with all models, but it was certainly true on this Stutz Blackhawk.

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